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George Mentz - The OWS WM Original Wall Street Wealth Manager - Global Press

Counselor Mentz and his global consulting teams provide research, insights and global strategy.


  • Mentz and his award winning education has been provided to over  10,0000 people worldwide with specialized Wealth Management professional development
  • Mentz's publications have been in the top 100 in the world.
  • Mentz's insights and articles syndicated and seen in the News of: NYSSA New York Securities Analysts, NASDAQ Stock Market News, Securities Technology Magazine , Global Finance Magazine , Wall Street Technology Association, Institutional Investor Financial Careers, BondsOnline Magazine, AuditNew News, Fierce Finance News, PEI PERE Alternative Insight News, Default Risk News
  • Mentz named to expert panel of AdvisoryFYI Financial News - National Underwriter and Summit Business Media
  • Mentz becomes contributing expert writer to and
  • Mentz named to Advisory Board of Arab Academy of Banking and Financial Services
  • Mentz wins National faculty award for excellence in teaching Ethics in Business.
  • Mentz consults directly with US Department of Labor to assist persons in finding jobs and to facilitate financial education.
  • Mentz opens new consulting offices in India.
  • Mentz's training manuals on wealth management are one of the top books for executives in China for wealth managemnet for the major banks.
  • Mentz appointed to US Military Association Advisory Board
  • Mentz served as Advisor to: Global Finance Forum in Switzerland and World E-Commerce Forum in London.
  • Mentz first person in USA to be triple board certified in Financial Planning, Financial Consulting and Qualified Financial Planner.
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*Mentz is a Licensed Counselor of Law in USA LA and Works as a Management Consultant Worldwide