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In the 21st Century, companies are looking for international guidance from experts who have the experience for global business success.

Online LLM & Masters Degree in Law Program - Tax & Financial Services (Accredited Law School USA)


Dear Professionals,


The New York Life Coach invites you and your staffs to enroll in the Online USA Graduate Program in Tax and Financial Services. (Accredited Law School)


They offer 10 WEEK ONLINE Courses toward a Masters Degree in:


1) Wealth Management - CWM ™ Certified Program

2) Investment Management - CPM AAFM ™ Certified Program

3) Risk Management - CRA AAFM ™ Certified Program

4) Trusts and Estates Certified CTEP AAFM ™ Certified Program

5) International Tax - CITA/MFP AAFM ™ Certified Program

6) Private Asset Management. CAM AAFM ™ Certified Program

7) Accredited Financial Analyst - AFA AAFM ™ Certified Program

8) AML and Finance Crimes - CAMC AAFM ™ Certified Program

9) Compliance Officers - CCA AAFM ™ Certified Program

See our Full Portfolio of Courses:



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*Mentz is a Licensed Counselor of Law in USA LA and Works as a Management Consultant Worldwide